"A melting pot of the automotive culture"

Established in '06

Shortly after D-SCE was formed the Garfield Time Trials began. We had a large showing at this event.

The Duluth-Superior Car Enthusiasts are a local twin ports car club founded back in 2006. Since that time D-SCE has built a local reputation as being an inclusive group with people competing and building in almost every sector of the motorsport cultures. We pride ourselves on our passion and abilities for motorsport. Our old motto is; "Bring your lifted trucks, your muscle cars and your imports. We are a melting pot of the automotive culture." This adage holds true today with our club's collective knowledge ranging from the obscure European to classic American muscle. Many of us cut our teeth building Japanese cars and European hatchbacks, and our appreciation for the do-it-yourselfer stands out.

D-SCE gathers every week no matter the conditions. We have been doing this since 2006, and have only had to cancel a couple weekly meets in all that time. Our weekly gatherings are extremely casual with time to hang out at Port Terminal then a cruise to dinner at a restaurant that we chose as a group.

D-SCE has become the representative club for the Duluth area for MNCEC, a state-wide collective aiming to further the automotive scene in Minnesota

Where we are today

As of 2022 D-SCE has not hosted weekly meets like years past. We continue to be sponsors for Cruise For Cancer as well as the Black River Motorsports Park.

We intend to start doing events again but that date is TBD. Follow us on Facebook to watch for those discussions.